Response to Grenfell

The Grenfell fire is totemic of the politics of neo-liberalism and the drive for profit over any other human consideration.

As such totem, it is beyond a local issue and is etched on the national consciousness ā€“ the refusal to take health and safety seriously, the shear and unnecessary loss of human life, of working and poor people over-crowded, some illegal and unaccounted for, must not go unchallenged.

These people were disregarded and disallowed their voice because they were poor and without apparent political support.

UCU asserts these people must have a voice.

Until the lives of the poor are valued, nothing will change.

We must shift the narrative. We need a deconstruction of the labelling of those people who have been affected: we need an untelling of thedemonisation of the poor and then a reconstructed retelling of their story.