Newcastle College Board Staff Rep – Election Statement – Vote for Anya !!!

You deserve to have a representative who knows your job and what you have to do. Anya has worked here for nearly 12 years, through countless restructures, in a cross-college role that takes her into every school … she understands the demands on teaching and support staff.

You need a STAFF REP who will take your concerns to the table.

Read her election statement below:

“I am seeking election to the Newcastle College Board and I am very aware of the importance of acting in the best interests of all staff and students.

I have a strong sense of equality and fairness; principles which underpin all my actions and decision-making.

I believe that trust is key and that through developing trusted working relationships, positive outcomes can be reached.

With nearly twelve years’ experience of working at Newcastle College in various support roles, on both academic and vocational programmes from Entry 3 to Level 7, I have extensive knowledge and experience of issues affecting both FE and HE staff.

I recognise the external challenges that face Newcastle College in the current financial and political climate, including privatisation trends and the funding crisis.

As lead negotiator for University and College Union I have been part of the NCG trade union Partnership Agreement since 2015 and I understand how Newcastle College functions within the group model. I also represented UCU and Newcastle College in the recent Area Review Process.

I have experience of working at executive level. In 2017 I was elected to UCU’s National Executive and I sit on its Further Education Committee and Ratification Panel.

Collective responsibility is important in taking ownership of difficult decisions. Integrity is absolutely key in accountability; particularly so where public money is used to fund the organisation.

From 2013-2016 I was both a Director and Trustee of Great Park Community Centre from ramp up to opening and delivery. I was accountable to the Charity Commission, Companies House and the local community.  As the management company’s employer I had an interest in staff wellbeing, pay, terms and conditions as well as a particular interest in community engagement.

Earlier this year I was welcomed as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for my involvement with Newcastle’s parks.

As Chair of Newcastle Parks Forum I have worked to synthesise disparate views and positions, whilst leading the social and political arguments that needed to be presented. This has involved working with Newcastle City Council senior management, councillors, local stakeholders, the community and the Parliamentary Select Committee.

I have been a Trustee of the Friends of Leazes Park since 2006. I am currently working with a small team in the planning stages of a multi-million-pound restoration project.”