Newcastle College Board Staff Rep – Election Statement – Vote for Anya !!!

You deserve to have a representative who knows your job and what you have to do. Anya has worked here for nearly 12 years, through countless restructures, in a cross-college role that takes her into every school … she understands the demands on teaching and support staff. You need a STAFF REP who will take … Continue reading Newcastle College Board Staff Rep – Election Statement – Vote for Anya !!!

Book Review – The Employee Engagement Blueprint

The Employee Engagement Blueprint: employee engagement made simple (Emma Alcock) From Emma Alcock I learned a new model of whole person engagement with two emotional elements - Does it connect with me? Does it fire me up? Quite simply yes. Kit and Caboodle it's all here, off-the-shelf for the executive lead - 'why,' 'what' and … Continue reading Book Review – The Employee Engagement Blueprint

Building Strong Unions Conference #TUC150

Good Morning Conference. I am Branch Secretary of UCU - University & College Union - at Newcastle College and I am proud to sit on both its National Executive and its Further Education Committee. I would like to thank Tony Dowling and the organisers for inviting me to speak to you here today. Our theme … Continue reading Building Strong Unions Conference #TUC150

Response to Grenfell

The Grenfell fire is totemic of the politics of neo-liberalism and the drive for profit over any other human consideration. As such totem, it is beyond a local issue and is etched on the national consciousness – the refusal to take health and safety seriously, the shear and unnecessary loss of human life, of working … Continue reading Response to Grenfell