IBL Response To Attacks on UCU General Secretary.

To challenge policy and process is legitimate and core to the democratic agency of our trade union. What is not acceptable, however, is the making of unfounded allegations regarding the integrity of our General Secretary and in particular, suggestions of collusion. We are trade unionists. As such we spend much of our time defending our … Continue reading IBL Response To Attacks on UCU General Secretary.

The Charge of the Education Brigade

Anya Cook sits on University and College Union’s National Executive and Further Education Committee and she is Branch Secretary at Newcastle College where she is employed as Higher Education Mentor. Here she tells Transforming Lives why she asked UCU to support her motion to lobby for a Royal Commission into Education in England from Cradle … Continue reading The Charge of the Education Brigade

Building Strong Unions Conference #TUC150

Good Morning Conference. I am Branch Secretary of UCU - University & College Union - at Newcastle College and I am proud to sit on both its National Executive and its Further Education Committee. I would like to thank Tony Dowling and the organisers for inviting me to speak to you here today. Our theme … Continue reading Building Strong Unions Conference #TUC150

Response to Grenfell

The Grenfell fire is totemic of the politics of neo-liberalism and the drive for profit over any other human consideration. As such totem, it is beyond a local issue and is etched on the national consciousness – the refusal to take health and safety seriously, the shear and unnecessary loss of human life, of working … Continue reading Response to Grenfell

Mince Pies and Misery

Mince Pies & Misery This December our UCU Branch at Newcastle College convened an open meeting to discuss George Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review and the implications for Further Education. In this democracy, that is our UCU branch – Neal our Branch Secretary said to me, “You can welcome people to our meeting and I’ll do … Continue reading Mince Pies and Misery